Hybrid Laser System

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The working principle of laser epilation is to create permanent damage to these areas by transmitting heat to the hair follicles and to protect the skin while this process takes place.


Doreice Advanced has a powerful cold air system. The area where the laser shot is made is cooled by the effect of pressurized intense cold air. Since the cooling applied during the procedure eliminates the feeling of pain, the hair follicles are burned with high energy and the most effective and safest result is obtained.


There are two head selections according to bristle structure, bristle color and skin color. With its advanced cooling system, Doreice allows you to work with high performance in both cold air and ice head use.


Due to the special nozzle, the cold air is transmitted to the nozzles without interruption. Thus, doreice sessions are painless. With the feeling of coolness it creates on the skin, the application takes place in the comfort of massage. Doreice has many advanced applications that allow you to provide highly effective, fast and safe treatments.


DOREICE Hair Removal Device

User Comments

  • I bought it at a cheaper price than other devices on the market. The system is working fine. The cold air technology with the cold system really reduces the feeling of pain to almost nothing and now the sessions are extremely comfortable. I can say that it is the best quality and successful brand in this field.

    Sule Ozdemir
  • Thanks to Doreice, there is no longer a need for more devices when making applications. The choice of two caps according to hair structure, hair color and skin color made my job very easy. Now I am getting more effective results. Thank you so much.

    Hanife Urkmez
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