What is CoolSense Hybrid Technology? What does it do?

It is a hybrid technology that can simultaneously send the two most effective and safest wavelengths for the hair follicle during epilation. The hybrid laser, which is a combination of 3 devices, has the most advanced cooling technology.

While providing ease of application, it offers a complete range of solutions by increasing and maximizing the business potential of Aesthetic clinics.

Is there a risk of burns?

Thanks to the skin cooling feature of Doreice cold air blowing cold system, high energy reaches the hair root without damaging the skin and the risk of burns is eliminated. Thus, it gives faster and permanent results.

What is the Doreice silicone apparatus?

Doreice silicone apparatuses are produced from silica raw material used in medicine. Personalized headgear produced specifically for the pandemic period and continues to be used in our current lives. You can use the changeable silicone apparatus for personal use by changing it in each session.

Does it see fine hairs well?

Having the alexandrite laser device feature used in ice laser application allows us to achieve the best results on fine hairs.

Will there be any spots after laser hair removal?

If the necessary sensitivity is shown after a correct application and application, there is no staining.

How many titles are there in Doreice? What is the advantage?

There are 2 titles in total. Cold air blown and Frosted hood
It allows you to work in combination. With the cold air nozzle, you can thin the thick hairs and completely destroy them with the ice nozzle.

What is a frosted header?

With its cold system cooling technology, it has a skin cooling effect at -15 degrees and the cap maintains its coldness for a long time. Thus, laser rays directly hit the hair root without contacting the skin, providing an effective and safe application.

By working in two wavelengths, it enables an effective, painless and painless epilation process suitable for hair structure in every part of the body and every skin type.

This gel is applied to each area to be treated and the skin is cooled. In this way, both the body is protected against burns and it is possible to work in the ironing system. The biggest advantage of ice cap epilation is that it can be applied in summer and winter. It is a type of epilation suitable for every skin color and every region.

What is a cold air hood?

This technology provides an uninterrupted skin cooling effect during laser epilation. It allows the laser beams to reach the hair root directly without being felt on the skin.

DOREICE Hair Removal Device

User Comments

  • I bought it at a cheaper price than other devices on the market. The system is working fine. The cold air technology with the cold system really reduces the feeling of pain to almost nothing and now the sessions are extremely comfortable. I can say that it is the best quality and successful brand in this field.

    Sule Ozdemir
  • Thanks to Doreice, there is no longer a need for more devices when making applications. The choice of two caps according to hair structure, hair color and skin color made my job very easy. Now I am getting more effective results. Thank you so much.

    Hanife Urkmez
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